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Project Description
A solution for storing serialized objects in an XML data type column and using XQuery to query into the serialized XML and retrieve records. Also includes the WebTools.UI library which is a collection of ASP.NET server controls for rollover images and other controls.

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 includes support for a column of data type XML, which means you can store XML in a column that can be queried using XPath expressions. The WebTools project includes a class called XQuery that will build a SQL statement that can execute an exist() query on the XML data type column, that executes an XPath expression to compare values. View the TestWeb project to see an example of using the XQuery class to store serialized objects in the XML column.

The WebTools project also includes a NullDataReader and SqlNullDataReader classes that wrap the functionality of IDataReader and allow you use the GetInt23, GetString methods with a column name, such as GetInt32("myColumn"), and will return a default value if the column is DBNull.

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